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Gorilla Madness

Jonathan and I were at the state fair with Mom and Miss Kris. I saw the ring toss game and thought it would be easy but it wasn’t very easy at all. I bought some credits and I used them for the ring toss and, surprisingly, I got a giant gorilla on the fourth toss! Mom loved seeing dad’s face when he saw a green angry-looking toy gorilla when he came home from work. (dictated by Joshua; written by Jonathan).

4 Responses to “Gorilla Madness”

  1. David Hepp says:

    Wow! Looks like you brought home Godzilla! Congratulations!
    And that tiger Jonathan is holding looks pretty cool, too.
    The cats look a little uneasy about the gorilla…hah!
    I only have vague memories of attending the Texas State Fair, since I moved to México when I was five.

  2. Aunt Cindy says:

    Who got to carry your gorilla around the Fair…? You could put him in the front window to scare away intruders!

    Jonathan, I hope your tiger is not as talkative as one Nathie had :^). Is he the Cheetos tiger?

  3. Grandpa says:

    Dear Jonathan and Joshua,
    I came back to look at you and the gorilla again. Has it taken over
    your house? Does it protect you? Are the cats afraid of it?
    I expect most of the Fitzgeralds at my house this evening to watch the
    World Series.

  4. Emily & Ehver says:

    He is craaazy big!! Really funny says Ehver!

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